N.C. Perinatal Health Strategic Plan: 2016-2020

About the Plan

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The Perinatal Health Strategic Plan is designed to address infant mortality, maternal health, maternal morbidity, and the health of men and women of childbearing age.

The framework selected by the Perinatal Health Strategic Planning Committee was adapted from the “12-Point Plan to Close the Black-White Gap in Birth Outcomes: A Life-Course Approach” developed by Lu, Kotelchuck, Hogan, Jones, Wright, and Halfon. Upon review of the framework, it was evident that these strategies were appropriate for all populations, not just African American families. This adapted framework was used to develop the strategies of this Plan. The action steps were developed by over 125 maternal and child health experts from across the state.


Data and Evaluation

The Data and Evaluation Work Group provides technical assistance to the larger Perinatal Health Strategic Planning Team, reviews family and community health data across North Carolina, and identifies strategies measuring the success of the Plan to inform policy and practice.

Community and Consumer Engagement

The Community and Consumer Engagement Work Group seeks to develop a network of preconception and interconception consumers and stakeholders, from across North Carolina, who can create strategies and activities to strengthen the PHSP. This group utilizes the lived experiences and knowledge of the Work Group members to keep abreast of how to implement strategies associated with the PHSP.


The Communications Work Group promotes and shares the intent and goals of the Perinatal Health Strategic Plan to audiences and stakeholders across North Carolina by forging opportunities and identifying champions who are interested in promoting the plan locally; engaging new partners who are presently pursuing efforts linked to the PHSP; and developing educational materials and promotional items using social media platforms to promote the plan.


The Policy Work Group works to advance policies found in the Perinatal Health Strategic Plan. They will do this through education and information sharing.

 Perinatal Health Strategic Plan Team

Special thanks to the Perinatal Health Strategic Plan Team for their leadership, commitment, and guidance in the development of this Strategic Plan.

PHSP Partners

Perinatal Health Strategic Plan

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