Women, Infant and Community Wellness Section: Publications and Manuals

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Women, Infant and Community Wellness Section publications and manuals are listed below.


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 Brochures, Fact Sheets, and Plans 03/20/24

 Family Planning and Preconception Health Educational Materials 12/04/23


Birth Control Methods/Family Planning

Male Involvement

Nutrition/Weight Management

Preconception Health/Reproductive Life Planning

Tobacco Cessation - Click "Maternal Health Educational Materials" below and see "Tobacco Cessation".

 Maternal Health Educational Materials 03/20/24

Maternal Health/Pregnancy 02/08/24

4th Trimester/Postpartum

Safe Sleep - Infant/Newborn

Text for Baby

Tobacco Cessation

 Sickle Cell Educational Materials 04/20/22

  • Sickle Cell Syndrome Program Brochure (PDF, 138 KB); Ayude a su hijo a estar sano (PDF, 897 KB)
  • Sickle Cell Testing for Newborns (English and Spanish)
  • What Everyone Should Know About Kidneys and Kidney Diseases
  • *Currently Unavailable* What Everyone Should Know About Stroke (Brain Attack)
  • *Currently Unavailable* You and Your Teeth

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Office on Women's Health Fact Sheets


Talking with Your Teens About Sex

Family Planning Medicaid 04/24/24

Birth Control Methods/Family Planning 08/16/23

Partners in Contraceptive Choice and Knowledge (PICCK) is an innovative clinical and public health program designed to promote contraceptive choice and effective contraceptive counseling based in Massachusetts. PICCK seeks to help achieve equity in contraception access and promotes shared decision-making approaches to contraceptive counseling.

Contraceptive method information sheets are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Vietnamese, and Arabic. The method information sheets in multiple languages as well as other useful job aids for providers can be found here: The Contraceptive Information Sheets and job aids for Providers .

Please note bullets and counseling sheets below.*

  • The method counseling sheets for the Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARC) may indicate they are effective beyond the current FDA approved length of use.
  • It is up to each agency to determine if agency policy will permit providers and clients to use data from emerging trials of extended use that suggest Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARCs) remain effective past the expiration date recommended by the FDA.
  • The provider/patient would need to discuss before a decision is made, and that discussion would need to be documented in the patient record.

Each set of method counseling sheets in multiple languages includes the following.


NC Making It Work Tool Kit - Supports breastfeeding moms and employers

Gynecological Issues/Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections (STDs/STIs)

Infertility/Genetic Counseling

Male Involvement

Male Self-Exam/¿Cómo hacer una autoexploración testicular?

Maternal Health/Pregnancy 02/08/24

Maternal Mental Health Patient Education Materials


National Maternal Mental Health Hotline Materials


Preconception Health/Reproductive Life Planning 08/16/23

Substance Use

Tobacco Cessation

Zika Virus

 Manuals - 07/09/24

 Maternal Health Policy Manual - 02/13/19

The policy manual is divided into five sections with related policies and relevant memos provided in PDF format. Additional policies will be added as they are written and approved.

Section Title

1. Administrative

1.1 - Medical Records

2. Patient Services

2.1 - Interpreter Services

2.2 - Legal

2.3 - NC Medicaid

2.4 - Perinatal Oral Health

3. Clinical Services

3.1 - Immunizations

3.2 - Laboratory

3.3 - Lead and Pregnancy

3.4 - Pharmacy

3.5 - Sexually Transmitted Disease

3.6 - Standing Orders

4. Community Services


5. Financial

5.1- Coding/Billing

6. Personnel

6.1 - Enhanced Role Registered Nurse

6.2 - Staff Competency

 Care Management for High-Risk Pregnancies (CMHRP) Toolkit - 07/09/24

Section Topics

Care Management for High-Risk Pregnancies (CMHRP)

What is Care Management for High Risk Pregnancies?

Care Management for High Risk Pregnancies (CMHRP) is outcome-focused, with an emphasis on improving birth outcomes through reducing the rate of preterm and low birthweight births and monitors the pregnant Medicaid population and prenatal service delivery system using data.  CMHRP applies systems and information to improve care and assist members in becoming engaged in a collaborative process designed to manage medical, social and behavioral health conditions more effectively.

Meeting the diverse and complex needs of members requires a holistic, person-centered approach that addresses both physical and behavioral health. A holistic approach must consider the social determinants of health - "conditions in the environments in which people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship and age that affect a wide range of health, functioning, and quality-of-life outcomes and risks" (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2016). The more complex the needs, the more comprehensive the approach should be for assisting the member with a care plan that addresses the whole person and collaborates with other systems that impact the member’s well-being.

1. Division of Health Benefits (DHB)

2. Collaborative Partners

3. Pregnancy Management Program (PMP)

4. Population Identification

5. Staffing

See Care Management for High Risk Pregnancies (CMHRP)

6. CMHRP Core Documents

7. CMHRP Pathways

8. CMHRP Supervisory Resources

9. Training

10. Contacts

11. Resources and References

A Guide for Helping to Eliminate Tobacco Use and Exposure for Women (PDF, 2 MB)

Guidelines for the Identification and Management of Lead Poisoning in Pregnant and Lactating Women

The Management of Sickle Cell Disease Manual

 Preconception Health Training Modules for Providers

 Community Preconception Health Training Manual


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